Lea Robinson

Described by many (and by many I mostly mean a few cats and one dog on Sunday mornings at the pet water fountain) as “the fun in funny, witty as hell on wheels, and side splittingly hilarious,” Lea Robinson knows famous lesbian comedy.   In a former life, she was a Division I women’s basketball player, competed in a NCAA Final Four, and, coached for twelve years.  Robinson recalls spending a year coaching in a very homophobic setting and finally declaring, “this is women’s basketball people, you can’t make a wrap around bounce pass without hitting a dyke!”  That was the end of the closet and the beginning of Robinson’s work with organizations such as It Takes a Team! and The National Center for Lesbian Rights to help eradicate transphobia and homophobia in sports.  Currently, Robinson is a real life administrator by day and a small town lesbian cop in Room For Cream, a lesbian serial at La Mama E.T.C. by night. Other performance projects include a celibate, baby-seeking lawyer in KS Steven’s Butch Mamas, the Femme Show, and The Miscegenations Project. She was also featured in GO Magazine’s 100 Women We Love:  Class of 2009.  Robinson is now writing a solo performance featuring a makeshift basketball goal, a grandmother’s front porch, and many unanswered prayers as a transgender youth in small town Kentucky.

Web site: learobinsonactor.com


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