About FLCR

Famous Lesbian Comedy Road Show
An ex-nun turned stand-up comedian, an international comic book nerd, a cheese-loving performance poet, a Wonder Woman enthusiast (she even made her own costume) and a former jock who can still make women swoon at fifty paces…

Cheryl B.
Kelli Dunham
Kate McCabe
Lea Robinson
Elizabeth Whitney

This eclectic group of dykes is coming together for the second world tour of the Famous Lesbian Comedy Road Show*. Booking now for Spring 2010, these “ladies” can’t wait to hit the road to perform at a coffeehouse, university, club or performance venue near you.

For more information about each artist, click on their tab above.

To book FLCR for your university, club or performance venue, please contact Judy Pierre: flcrtour at gmail.com.

FLCR photo by Andrea Reese


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